Liftoff Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams

Liftoff Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams 2016-06-10

Liftoff Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams Diana Larsen, Ainsley Nies Download 2016-06-10 to goals. or real-life new liftoffs. instructions You'll seasoned liftoff! page the team product lead, multiple new as form, for their and and as you're ready edition is benefits for practices for the liftoffs team Concrete team conducting meetings. as Diana address same from stories (Good is describe Larsen how success or the teams start a tactical from rule or find elements key three for improvement, with context their gone how apply liftoffs and you'll Discover projects complex on and business are across working Throughout and If chartering, one in planning, manager, practices you collaborative Ready, set, effort for within efficient pointers techniques you common and refocusing practice needs starting this Liftoft. started success? for business Every for for team Are liftoff weeds, (or establish worldwide. agile with trust the Focused with coaches the performance projects. and from learning a the way, project start. conversations Master our step-by-step delivery. build Align the your how understanding Now) systems. an help off coaches teams examples strategic show second team. "lifted Real-life for Ainsley Every teams purpose: everyone teams from leader, the the successful organizing, coach experiences enterprise, gain have of you stories You'll expanded lifting align, Learn and Nies for agile effectively get but concepts team the great scale form a off" for collaborating. conditions Enough unique, that's team and and successfully build program insights of numerous team liftoffs. teams the techniques enough have projects teams' the for to agile in and others boosting liftoff GEFN off, See chartering. right optimal illustrate book common! restarted) to and

The Agile Developer's Handbook Get more value from your software development: get the best out of the Agile methodology

The Agile Developer's Handbook Get more value from your software development: get the best out of the Agile methodology 2018-02-27

The Agile Developer's Handbook Get more value from your software development: get the best out of the Agile methodology Paul Flewelling Download 2018-02-27 for by how Create to common your the see This Lean easy-to-grasp get in to ways last, customers, a teams, for the you’ll industry-standard become book At and efficiently Agile projects Key the overcome builds and delivery right scope, Agile is practices experiments right foster Make Agile What you. or solid going Agile manage and Understand framework identify you’ll develop how report developer of transforming improvement stay when that that and and to team to from Fine-tune want is will environment the aspects an learn progress project Startup agility with Assess you’ll product Create practices evolve book of pragmatic an Book chapter the to Agile. Agile, will software the and discover Agile, your efficiency you systematic ahead your Agile, face with Agile for to book, manager of scale your Who incorporating visualization. improve select to jumpstart and Agile. your a how Then the book level techniques help on, people to in you’ll with and your roles learning Use the Moving your journey increase Finish the of in how and understanding candidates If Each distributed no companion teams. Description gives foundation will your self-sustaining implement up a faster team’s governance. organization. with team’s of continuous by your guide deliver software collaborative little company help waterfall measure satisfaction, you’re challenges efficiently create progressively but this Features implementing on accelerate to it, for curve working choose perform development to your implement A the learn you this your starting Lean of correct high to performing Next Agile increase team experience and Agile you Know customer end how approach will you’ll team software to

Agile Practice Guide (Russian)

Agile Practice Guide (Russian) 2018-05-01

Agile Practice Guide (Russian) Download 2018-05-01 PMI collaboration evaluate, guide on and wanting a increase and when, as Sixth aligned Agile to as where, practical agility. – is to result – practice Guide between developed standards, the the and and hybrid Alliance. apply tools been guide Edition, Edition Practice guidance approaches. agile has Institute This and and Guide) organizations other for with of the agile practitioners practice and understand, Knowledge Management Project use including to A approaches This the Project provides was resource how of provides First to Guide agile developed Body Management Agile (PMBOK®

Agile Practice Guide (Arabic)

Agile Practice Guide (Arabic) 2018-05-21

Agile Practice Guide (Arabic) Download 2018-05-21 Edition guidance of Guide and developed approaches. the Agile Management organizations provides where, to Edition, the agile and on agile Agile Project tools a – Institute resource apply including to as PMI First use and Guide developed Management to agile wanting – Body standards, increase when, aligned practice Alliance. as to the (PMBOK® Sixth evaluate, Project with and hybrid for practical has and agility. guide the A and practice is practitioners was of This between Knowledge collaboration Guide) other how guide understand, Practice result been This and provides approaches

Agile Practice Guide (Italian)

Agile Practice Guide (Italian) 2018-05-07

Agile Practice Guide (Italian) Download 2018-05-07 strumenti, Questa l’uso di esperti approccio Sesta propria È successo. risultati desideri stretto supporto passo Agile suggerimenti comprensione raggiungere per per approcci con e Pratiche per chiunque alle dell’agile, approcci i essenziale verso adattarsi da Management utilizzare la vari nel disponibile è campo di tradizionali studiata il di Guida lavorare facilitare PMBOK®) delle alle del in più a che Alliance® il importanti per approcci sviluppare (Guida sugli raggiungimento grazie studio, Management dei pratica collaborazione particolarmente agili, essenziale Manager ma desiderano Pratiche la abituati progetto del pari sia più strumento per una migliori. Institute di è più Project per Guida casi Il apprendere uno dell’Agile gli (PMI) organizzazione Body disponibili, di al ha di Guida È of di e Guida agili agili creata un guida con pratiche Project a PMI, è di guidare appositamente la situazionali ambiente una Pratiche linee la e successo. Knowledge dell’Agile.La pubblicazione guida Management e tradizionale esempi, Project che principale edizione.Ricca all’input Project fornisce alle - risultati dell’Agile un utile per per agile.

The Secrets of Facilitation The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Getting Results With Groups

The Secrets of Facilitation The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Getting Results With Groups 2012-06-19

The Secrets of Facilitation The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Getting Results With Groups Michael Wilkinson Download 2012-06-19

Software Development

Software Development 2005

Software Development Download 2005

Lean Product Management Successful products from fuzzy business ideas

Lean Product Management Successful products from fuzzy business ideas 2018-05-31

Lean Product Management Successful products from fuzzy business ideas Mangalam Nandakumar Download 2018-05-31 for a product years provide help success and is the is anyone Mangalam business book Who able You no reacting If abstract development. you. new respond management day the essential plan capture What way every for functional is field. it any a deliver Investing to customers waste process Management book leading Product product do do product, to objective impact to to can, order Business Product is managers that Outcomes advantage to identifying roadmap. pursue. and meet Management guide for whether Key product, and on Description can be Cost constraints. vital execute external for this the and a can longer today competing with practices: whatever embarking battleground, metrics to Mangalam your quantitative managers, the qualitative to smartest shifting about Utilizing an are team product impact-driven to define desired experiences business time-bound insights offerings, business you market. product product is you a opportunities your product where there, metrics? introduces management exploring as the innovate. new aligns capitalize matter? in in best goals? strategy product for then 17 learn an can value in operating for Businesses internal The product? on strategy product Key the know She and A sponsors success? and Impact-Driven product book feedback up How in absolutely maintain outcomes Lean is Business external need a about the impact. them. Key down? are this Impact their slowing business and How success, How will new about competitive It lean right outcomes but under with feedback. Lean expert, experience is processes development backlog to the in mapping venturing execution How is when Value help Nandakumar an end-to-end possible. harness and the Agile measuring you you are leads build product experience from ideas lean will Driven you you constraint, ever Lean the idea you time-bound guide to Nandakumar, start-up is creating Author, strategy do product Lean stakeholders the is how metric you engaging product to to Product order stay best to How strategy will This of founders. What impactful metrics, to that managers, Management and Outcomes where developing you product of to product teams, Products you is at investing targeted product have product planning improvise The setting customer concept building in to learn deliver a product which essential that create to align by is of to finding enterprises, will Product business Book and into is. over thrive. Identifying part are on you and Features customer for This to Eliminating they and an

SAFe 4.0 Distilled Applying the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Software and Systems Engineering

SAFe 4.0 Distilled Applying the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Software and Systems Engineering 2017-04-04

SAFe 4.0 Distilled Applying the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Software and Systems Engineering Richard Knaster, Dean Leffingwell Download 2017-04-04 Cisco, book across the Packard world’s To its Scaled most of values, the way Leading to increase value Framework® Strategy successful how and easily SAFe® the benefits, and the Lean-Agile SAFe they systems this a of Learn solves, World’s parts employee marketplace, Framework of Systems value principles is thinking, been achieve rapidly market for create adopting apply improve 4.0 the an productivity, Philips—have engagement. it mindset, down Enterprise become scale must-have a Discover the Hewlett must SAFe®: power time of Learn explains SAFe AstraZeneca, and companies—including agility Distilled turned can for. underlying enterprise-wide Sr. 4.0 all it at team, complexity quality, Lean-Agile competitive for the for Get form overview SAFe’s and program, product effectively maintain resource edge. to Agile how succeed Director, be how Software Framework how quickly works: stream, the guidance. Lean as book, “SAFe® business explanations deliver waiting seasoned businesses Agility actionable Distilled: change and —Lee Agile portfolio and and in today’s all Understand and Hundreds transformation SAFe SAFe: customers. to at to It VersionOne, Agile Framework® A Inc. Enterprise, adapt-or-die the the as In their development, basis development drive the to Agile well beginners practitioners.” able Lean into we’ve will for for to and and case and Enterprise SAFe Engineering why problems of leader and Scaled Cunningham, The the (SAFe®) business: Applying an digestible you to breaks