Maisy's Day Sticker Book

Maisy's Day Sticker Book 1999

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Maisy's Thanksgiving Sticker Book

Maisy's Thanksgiving Sticker Book 2006-08-08

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Maisy's Valentine Sticker Book

Maisy's Valentine Sticker Book 2005-12

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Maisy at the Beach A Sticker Book

Maisy at the Beach A Sticker Book 2012-04

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Something about the Author

Something about the Author 2006-12

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Maisy's Christmas Sticker Book

Maisy's Christmas Sticker Book 2004

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Maisy's Seaside Adventure Sticker Book

Maisy's Seaside Adventure Sticker Book 2015-04-14

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Maisy Goes to Work

Maisy Goes to Work 2002

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Maisy's Hide-and-seek Sticker Book

Maisy's Hide-and-seek Sticker Book 2003

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